ath·e·ne·um (also ath·e·nae·um)
Origin: Mid-18th century: via Latin from Greek Athēnaion, denoting the temple of Athena.

1.  A sanctuary of Athena at Athens, built by the Roman emperor Hadrian, and frequented by poets and scholars.

2.  A library or institute for the promotion of literary or scientific study: the Boston Athenaeum. Also used in the titles of periodicals concerned with literature, science, and art.

3.  An East Coast investment firm specializing in principal investments in technology-oriented companies.

By combining classic disciplines with a contemporary approach to investing, Atheneum Capital continually strives for excellence, innovation and success. Our hands-on management is committed to cultivating enduring relationships with our clients by combining our market research, proven methodology and countless resources to create a customized approach to investing—in short, the convergence of the classic and the contemporary.